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Maybe the sensitivity is an issue with a lot of drawing tablets. I mean, but still, their customer service was quite awful, and their tips were useless. I am glad what you have works for you though! I still believe that newer devices though you're mainly just paying for the name and not really the tablet. Sure of course Cintiqs should be expensive, especially companions, but I could build my own custom PC under two grand which is what a high end Companion 2 costs, that's just b.s to me, and I have heard a lot about the cords dying within 6 months and I need something long term that won't fail, and if it does their will be easy help. I may buy a new Cintiq if I ever get the money, but they need some drastic improvements in performence before I do that atm. But if Wacom works for you, thats great! (: this was mainly for newer artists who want to start off with the most popular brand, and was a bit of a warning that if they had any issues, they will be frustrated with how Wacom handles them for the most part. I don't hate their products, but at this point my experience was so frustrating and time consuming for absolutely nothing that I just feel like giving up on their future products at this point.
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I'm the first to agree that Wacom tablets are probably overpriced and there are now many really good alternatives to Wacom that people should look into before purchasing.  I'm just commenting on my own experiences.  My Cintiq cable is still fine after more than 5 years of use (along with the rest of the device).  And at different times I've had similar pen sensitivity problems across four tablets from three different brands.  In all cases it turned out to be due to driver conflicts that I had to resolve without useful advice from the manufacturer - and although I'd certainly describe Wacom support as unhelpful it literally wasn't the worst.