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Gotta start early on costumes =) Anyway, there is already an expressed interest on the official Anime Expo forum for a Fire Emblem gathering. I'm not quite sure about cosplay.com, but I will be sure to update that when more information is available. Here is a link to that: [link]
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hello! I will be trying to join the party as Lugh, the fire mage from FE6
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Hey, I was Lilina at the last FE gathering. I would like to sign up again.

I'll likely be Sophia or Cecilia from FE6. I can't decide at the moment.

*hopes to see more Roys at the next one <3*
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Okay, great! I will put both down and change it later when you're ready (which reminds me, I need to contact previous FE cosplays here on dA too...).

AX, Fanime, or both?
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~~~9/6 UPDATE~~~

Forum links for further reference...

Cosplay.com forum for AX: [link]
Cosplay.com forum for Fanimecon: [link]
Anime Expo forum: [link]
Fanimecon forum: [link]
deviantART forum: [link]
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So much Fire Emblem good-ness!!! 8D

LoL I'll be Ike... or Ranulf... or Tibarn... one of the three LOL!!!

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Ugh, I wish we could edit the posts because I selected the wrong option @_@ ...umm, okay, so additionally, here is a compilation from that link of characters that are planned:

FireEmblem(9)- Path of Radiance:

FireEmblem(10)- Radiant Dawn:

Duplicates are always welcome and Ikes are currently wanted XD Post/message if you're interested =)

There will also be future links to the Fanime forum and cosplay.com forum...so that makes 4 site forums total!