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Yeah.. although if they want to support me and my art, then I feel like I should at least try to support them too. Especially if they leave nice encouraging comments. Although when their art doesn't relate to mine or I'm just not interested in their art, then I'll not watch them back. Unless they are super nice heheh. Yeah, I feel like everyone appreciates some feedback on their art haha XD

Yeah, they are quite pointless. I consider them as a way of like acknowledging that they watched you....?? Like a short little "It's appreciated!"... Yeah I guess it is pretty impersonal haha. Would you feel better if I didn't do that? I just feel snobby to just comment on someone's page saying thanks for the watch.. I feel like I'm just saying "yeah thanks for watching me, i went all the way to your page and your art isn't worth my time?? and if you have art displayed, i'm just going to scroll right past it and go straight to your comments section!" 

Well I guess, it seems a bit like a lost opportunity to be making art that you are proud of and not share it or get the chance to possibly make something out of it XD plus I take part in HARPG soo :'3 but it is really amazing to be a part of a little art community here haha

Yup. First impressions make all the difference :D Sometimes I see someone make a hilarious comment and I just can't help but want to be a part of it XD

Hahahah sameee I feel like I lose so many chances to say things that I want to say XD because I get caught up in whatever I'm saying and then end on a "strong point" (what even?!??! :'D) and I realise all the things that I could've said hahahah
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Lol you can do what you want, my opinion shouldn't change how you do things. That's all it is, is one person's opinion, and I've already dealt with the fact that I have rather unique opinions against majority most of the time. xD

 Like I said to someone else, at least you're doing things besides the llama. My personal feelings about the llama are complicated. xD The llama to me is 'I went to your page, didn't bother looking at anything but I clicked that handy button at the top and left' if that's all that they do.

I definitely agree that its fun to be apart of and beneficial in many ways. That was more of a devils advocate comment there, haha.

This last part... Or you post your comment and go back and think ' wow that was so rambly and off topic and not what I wanted to say at all...'
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Mm alright hahah XD 

Yup, well I guess that is a lot of what it is so c: Oh well

Hahahah love that XDD

Oooh yes!!! Or you read what you wrote and think to yourself, "geez! Calm down missy!!" 
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Haha yes... and then you get into the whole 'what if they get offended' and edit like 10 times...
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Oh my gosh so true!!