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LOL yes, those people you kind of watch warily... I've actually unwatched a ton of people because their nope tends to turn into a whole lot of nope... XD

I get that too, you've been gone for months at a time sometimes and it definitely adds up. I tend to do that more with favourites, especially because people like to fave bomb and I'm like 'not dealing with'. I'll save the watches for the most part (Because I rarely get watch bombed. xD).

Exactly. It doesn't take too long, you can even copy-paste and it takes less time. :shrug: I dunno. Its just something I've noticed even in the past month.
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I don't get 'watch-bombed' really, I'll come back and there'll be like 2 watch notifications that are months old and I'm like. Is it really worth it at that point? They've probably forgotten they even watched me lol but I do still usually go thank them still