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I do 99% of the time, sometimes people have a big banner saying "DON'T THANK ME FOR WATCHES" and it's like alrighty then. And like Helsinge said, sometimes there's just so much 'nope' on their page that you just have to slowly back away and delete the notification xD There are also times that I've been away for a long time and am just too overwhelmed by notifications and end up deleting watch notifications in my frenzied efforts to clear my mailbox (or I'm just still not in a good enough mood to care about new watchers and then I feel bad later).
But absolutely, almost always say thank you. It takes 4 seconds and lets the person you appreciate it, so why not? :shrug: 
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LOL yes, those people you kind of watch warily... I've actually unwatched a ton of people because their nope tends to turn into a whole lot of nope... XD

I get that too, you've been gone for months at a time sometimes and it definitely adds up. I tend to do that more with favourites, especially because people like to fave bomb and I'm like 'not dealing with'. I'll save the watches for the most part (Because I rarely get watch bombed. xD).

Exactly. It doesn't take too long, you can even copy-paste and it takes less time. :shrug: I dunno. Its just something I've noticed even in the past month.
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I don't get 'watch-bombed' really, I'll come back and there'll be like 2 watch notifications that are months old and I'm like. Is it really worth it at that point? They've probably forgotten they even watched me lol but I do still usually go thank them still