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I always have, to me it's just that integral politeness. I appreciate when people take the time to tell me thanks so I try to do the same.  It just feels to me like you're not even noticed if people don't even take the time to say thanks.

Same with people who don't respond to comments. Why should I bother if you're not going to acknowledge me?

Lol yeah, I've been noticing that more and more... People are getting really weird about what they accept as polite and rude. It's... idk. I don't if their page says don't, but I do if there's nothing. Same with faves. Unless you're faving tutorials or references. I don't really thank for those. :P
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I just know I used to get all excited about a notification in my inbox, and then disappointed when it was someone thanking me for a fav or something. Now I'm just "eh" it's something xD But for that reason I can definitely understand why some people don't want to be thanked, so I skip those, and I skip the ones who have like... borderline animal porn in their galleries because then I just get really uncomfortable about why they're watching my art <.<Everyone else I thank for watches. Not really favs though as whenever I go to do that, they usually have like 30 thanks comments in the past hour and then it doesn't seem like my thanking will be particularly appreciated nor was my art of actual note, more just spreading their name it seems.
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Haha I do that too...

Ugh the animal porn... Or regular porn. I cautiously thank them. And those who just joined this week and have nothing in their galleries and journals. I've gotten a -ton- of those lately and it makes me question things...

Ah, yes, I get that. I've gotten to a point that when I see certain people faving my things I just delete without thanking because they tend to fave a lot without watching and I'm pretty sure it's just to get more pageviews.