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Already assuming they're reimaginings rather than updated graphics/animations, I tend to stay away from the reboots of what I love. A lot of shows are perfect the way they were and should be remembered that way rather than someone else's shallow vision of what it "should have been".

Before I deliver my own counter-argument, I will often put down my Nope Guard and give some of these abominations a chance and come out of it pleasantly surprised. Yet sometimes, admittingly, I have to be forced to. For example, the new Looney Toons Show; I gave it a long sigh and held my broken heart as they attempted to domesticate the toons I so love and grew up with. They were LOONEY toons for a reason, y'know? But my best friend talked to me and admitted that not every episode was gold, true, but there are nuggets of good that only needed the patience to be looked over. Once I saw them, my heart was easier to piece back together. I won't say I love the show but it definitely isn't nearly as bad as I thought.

Maybe it was Kristen Wiig who made it for me.