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I feel like such a complainer when explaining my pet peeves LOL because I have so many. 
One of the bigger ones is sneezes, including my own LOL I hate the sound of a sneeze especially the big hulking ones. It got to the point to where my dad sneezed and he does like 8 in a row, it would make me so angry. 
Another I have, is when people ask me certain things before reading anything i might have, i.e. asking tutorials because I have no patience for them and Im just a bit ornery when it comes to art /ded 
- Have a concern over looked, or of the like. (I'm annoyingly paranoid almost all the time x: ) 
- Having to repeat myself 
- Mumbling - amg when people mumble and then I tell them I can hear it or they speak over a loud noise Im likely to not hear it because of the lack of speaking loud enough 
- Disrespect in general, like seeing it around me, when theres nothing I can do about it x: (because I have the need to try to fix everything =w=) 
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XD I'm ok wit sneezing, it's coughing and sniffling that drives me crazy. >:U I mean, once in a while is fine. If you are sick it's fine, because you can't help it. But if there is a way to go excuse yourself in a classroom or something, please do it. 

People think I mumble, I just talk fast. XD 

Talking over loud noises... oh man. 
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