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Yeah, well I'm putting watermark on all of my works anyway, even on the scribbles |D
I'm more worried about that facebook rule because they won't steal others' photos and stuff, but people AGREE to let them have anything with signing up on that site.
But now when I re-read the rule..if I understand it correctly, they can only use e.g. a photo if it's still on the user's facebook page. If the owner decide to delete the original post, facebook can't use that photo anymore...hmmm.

Well, people would steal anything if they want
I think I'll make a fb page anyway >:U
/Now I need to find some time to set it up and upload some stuff |D

Thanks for your kind words btw ;3;/
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That's great!! Be sure to post the link :) I can't wait <3

Good luck
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Sure thing~

And thanks!