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I'm debating whether or not to sign up there too....for like..months lol
But there's a part in their "Content and information sharing" rules that they can use anything I upload :T
So uh...I don't want to give any license to them. (Not that I'm oh-so-famous that they would rip me off as soon as I join there or something but if I can avoid the possibility, I will.)

I could share stuff I upload to dA, tumblr or twitter on facebook and this way I wouldn't upload anything there directly and maybe this way I could 'bypass' their rule?...
But would people follow me there if I only repost stuff on facebook they can find here? :|
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I would totally follow you. I follow all artists on DA on FB too (if they have one)

It's just nice to see some art on your homepage. It's your decision if you wish to make an FB page but I totally would. Besides, you've got quite recognizable and unique art, if anybody would try to steal it it would easily be recognized as yours. You can also put a watermark on your artworks (like a link that refers to your DA profile?)

And I didn't konw abou that FB rule, creepy... :s

I'd follow you on all those sites you mentioned but I haven't got an account on any of those :)

I think you'd also gain a lot of popularity by making a Facebook page since (almost) everybody has one nowadays. Facebook is awesome for sharing art or just day-to-day scribbles.

But whatever, if you don't feel comfortable, then don't. :)

However, if you decide you're going to create a page (which I support!) it would be cool to see pre-sketches and just random pictures. It's nice to see a bit more personal stuff. Maybe unfinished works or old works. I love seeing that kind of stuff and I think others do too.
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Yeah, well I'm putting watermark on all of my works anyway, even on the scribbles |D
I'm more worried about that facebook rule because they won't steal others' photos and stuff, but people AGREE to let them have anything with signing up on that site.
But now when I re-read the rule..if I understand it correctly, they can only use e.g. a photo if it's still on the user's facebook page. If the owner decide to delete the original post, facebook can't use that photo anymore...hmmm.

Well, people would steal anything if they want
I think I'll make a fb page anyway >:U
/Now I need to find some time to set it up and upload some stuff |D

Thanks for your kind words btw ;3;/
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That's great!! Be sure to post the link :) I can't wait <3

Good luck
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Sure thing~

And thanks!