Comment on Night Child by A-Sleaze

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Enter now the children of the night, listen to their delightful music! Reckon not what is on their account - reckon what they stand to claim as they wander the streets of night from twilight to dawn, seeking whom they would devour. Whether children young or elders old, they seek their blood as we seek gold. Gorgeous skin as cold as ice, hair like jet, so dark light cannot escape it, lips pale and cool and red as the blood they drink, clad in the soft satin and comforting lace garments they were buried in, now repurposed for their after-lives of eternal bliss and conversion to perversion.

Unholy bride of the demon lord, brutal in her thoughts but gentle in her word. From her place of luxury in the highest tower, she exerts her twisted will to accumulate power. None dare oppose her, but not out of fear, gazing upon her turns your mind to mush and enslaves you with desire. Kneel before your new queen of the night, and hell follows after her!