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Gaze now upon the scars I bore for thee

By wicked hands they nailed me to the tree

With thunderous celebration and great delight

Merciless legions attacked me through the night

They took hold of my body and stripped me to my shame

Then cast me into outer darkness, stealing the eternal flame

How I prayed for deliverance you would raise me up

That from my parched lips you would remove this cup

But instead through darkness I eternal fell

And now I drift without hope in the abyss of hell

Suddenly there shone your pure light

My wings renewed and reenergized I took flight

Your hand stretched out and caught me out of the pit

And me suffering was simply a trial to see if I were fit

Having proven you that I am dutiful and good

You shone your grace on me and I understood

Now in heaven's light I sit by your side again

And bask in the warmth and love of my friends

But it pales in comparison to the love you have for me

And may I always remain humble and faithful for eternity