Everything you say is very true, it is not easy to create something of superior quality and of course it takes time and resources, I believe that you are on the right track with your new project but of course everything in due time, for my part I keep thinking make stories and if possible 3D drawings, in fact I will give you a short story. Stacey came home after a long day at work, she was very tired and her feet ached, she went into her bedroom and left her bag on her chair, sat on the bed and noticed that her window was open but did not remember having left her like this this morning, she thought maybe she forgot, after all her window is at the height of a big tree, who could climb there, Stacey took off her shoes and started spreading her toes while giving she massaged her soles, but suddenly she had a strange sensation and when she turned her gaze she noticed a huge jaw open in the direction of her, she could not do anything, just scream, but her screams were silenced and replaced by a hhmmmnm! 🐍🐍👣👣

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Thanks for your support Voretail. I appeciate it. Nice little story! ^_^