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That's a lot of good advice! Thank you for taking the time to share! Whether it ultimately works for me or not, it's still good to look into stuff and give a try because it may still lead to an answer. Either way, I genuinely appreciate the effort. Thank you!

I really think I need to just start over, though. My stuff's flawed at the base. I just don't really know how to draw, I think. But hey, that's what a subscription to Udemy is for, I guess. It's not like I'm gonna stop anyway, I like making stuff even if it's bad. :XD:

My problem is the opposite of yours, really. I spend pretty much all of my free time drawing. Like, down to bringing drawing supplies when I hang out with friends and working the entire time. I imagine it's pretty annoying, but it's just habit at this point. I feel fidgety if I'm not doing work. ^^; So I guess if you want to draw more, making it habitual is a good idea...just don't go to my extremes, haha!

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Yea! That's the perfect way to approach advice ahah, I just hope it can be of use! And you're welcome hehe

I don't know if I'd think of it as starting over though. Because even if you are going all the way back to the fundamentals, you're not starting from nothing! You already have strong skills in many aspects of your art and storytelling, once the fundamentals are under your belt and you're practicing and mastering those, you already have a huge leg up on anybody else who's learning linearly. You're just learning nonlinear.

I hope that Udemy has some good classes for you!

And yes.. Yea I gotta find ways to make it habitual like that.. I just am at work so much, or like.. cooking, driving, cleaning, doing other things that require my hands and eyes at the same time lol Can't exactly draw then. Free time too sparse..