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Lol aw I think that's fine! If the dialogue is compelling it can be just as engaging to read as a bunch of panels of a cool fight scene lol

Maybe if you do catch yourself drawing a lot of standing and talking, you could take those as opportunities to practice stuff like interesting panelling, or scenery design, or even something like.. maybe one of them comes in while the other is cooking and they talk, and you draw interesting poses and close ups of cooking and stuff while the dialogue goes on. Maybe you can find ways to spice it up!

I find that whenever I'm feeling real stuck on art, approaching it from a brand new angle tends to help. Finding a way to look at your own art with an outside perspective, and bringing things into it that aren't from you, so to speak. Like I get a lot of inspiration from video games and from stuff I experience in real life. Things that happen at me, lol It gives me ideas and perspectives I'd never come up with in a vacuum with only myself.

I also just look at things with an artistic lens as much as possible. See what people are wearing out in the street, figure out why a certain color or clothing cut does or doesn't look good on someone. Look at some nice scenery and figure out why it looks nice. Is it the framing of the scene, is it the colors, is it the lighting? Break it down into art-able aspects, things I can take home and apply to my art. Even if I don't have the technical skill to pull it off, the understanding of it helps me.

I also take a lot of breaks from art, most of which aren't intentional it's just life getting in my way lol It seems counter intuitive but it helps me to keep a fresh and positive relationship with my art, and it helps me from getting too consumed by it. Makes it easier to keep a broader perspective.

These are things that work for me anyway, I can imagine for a lot of people they'd be unhelpful... XD;; It's also not all good, like the fact that art is such a small part of my daily time is the reason I don't do SO MUCH of the stuff I want to do with my art. That's something I'm still working on figuring out.

And yea, god I'm still hoping that illustrated script thing will happen for Cucumber Quest.. the two year anniversary of this hiatus just passed a few days ago..!

As a comic reader, the fact your stories conclude is very much appreciated. They don't die halfway through, and they also don't just meander forever with no conclusion in sight, a fate just as bad as death lol

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That's a lot of good advice! Thank you for taking the time to share! Whether it ultimately works for me or not, it's still good to look into stuff and give a try because it may still lead to an answer. Either way, I genuinely appreciate the effort. Thank you!

I really think I need to just start over, though. My stuff's flawed at the base. I just don't really know how to draw, I think. But hey, that's what a subscription to Udemy is for, I guess. It's not like I'm gonna stop anyway, I like making stuff even if it's bad. :XD:

My problem is the opposite of yours, really. I spend pretty much all of my free time drawing. Like, down to bringing drawing supplies when I hang out with friends and working the entire time. I imagine it's pretty annoying, but it's just habit at this point. I feel fidgety if I'm not doing work. ^^; So I guess if you want to draw more, making it habitual is a good idea...just don't go to my extremes, haha!

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Yea! That's the perfect way to approach advice ahah, I just hope it can be of use! And you're welcome hehe

I don't know if I'd think of it as starting over though. Because even if you are going all the way back to the fundamentals, you're not starting from nothing! You already have strong skills in many aspects of your art and storytelling, once the fundamentals are under your belt and you're practicing and mastering those, you already have a huge leg up on anybody else who's learning linearly. You're just learning nonlinear.

I hope that Udemy has some good classes for you!

And yes.. Yea I gotta find ways to make it habitual like that.. I just am at work so much, or like.. cooking, driving, cleaning, doing other things that require my hands and eyes at the same time lol Can't exactly draw then. Free time too sparse..