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  1. What kind of streamers do you like to watch? The main streams I watch every week are Drawfeeshow and SecretSleepoverSociety (which is a gaming channel hosted by two of the people from drawfee). I also occasionally watch a handful of furry vtubers and BobRoss ^_^

  2. Who are you excited to see/would you like to see in the DeviantArt Collective? Idk... most of my favorite artists either don't stream OR aren't an DA anymore... so kinda hard to have them join in lol

  3. What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt? Maybe something that celebrates a particular media (other than hyper skilled digital painting) or theme? Like have a day dedicated to Traditional Painting, Sculpting, Cartooning, etc. Have tutorials or interviews with some popular artist in that field, Give away some prizes associated with that medium, and showcase the newest 50 or so submissions of that genre (that are PG and meet site guidelines) so that a wide range of artists get some spotlight instead of just really popular people. That'd be cool I think ^_^