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What sort of community events would you like to see on DeviantArt?"

You ask us about things like this and you say you "appreciate" feedback but your actions and your decision making may say otherwise.

My answer to this question and also this is what I would be ordering you to do if I was your boss.

A community event called the "Community Rebuild" which involves a full rebuild of the site and platform headed by the community allowing fellow members of the community who are good at coding and website design. To aid in rebuilding DeviantArt to restore it to it's former self. And to clean up the mess it has become with Eclipse.

Also this is the goal of what I call the Sunrise/Phoenix Movement.

If you and the rest of the admins and staff continue to refuse to work with the community to make real improvements that I along with others are requesting as well as aiming to accomplish. Then you need to go back to businesses school and get re-educated in this area of work. And let a new team of staff and admins who are willing to work with us take your position and help to make DeviantArt a better place.