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I'd personally love to see a 3D artist added to that roster. ^^ But I mostly watch game streams, if any. When it comes to art, I'm more the toturials-on-youtube-in-the-moment-I-need-em kinda guy.

As for events, things were everyone gets at least something are always nice and motivating to participate in. After all, nobody likes to work for free and most artist's chances of winning are astronomically small. For beginners or mediocre artists like me, having some sort of small reward, something to collect or use on the site, is much more motivating than the prospect of some expensive piece of equipment I won't get anyway. xD I really dig the badge and fragment rewards, for example.

Not a huge fan of the tutorials though, because so far, none of them really struck me as... very helpful. Drawing a thing in a single pose and without studying the actual three dimensional shapes behind it seems rather counterproductive when it comes to learning. People should be encouraged to experiment with shapes and poses, rather than only ever using one shape / pose, I think.

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Any 3D artists that stream that you're currently enjoying? Also (not that they're on the collective) but you might enjoy the Gnomon School streams; they generally show off 3D work from industry professionals, and respond to chat!

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There is someone called Voxian who occasionally streams and teaches on their Discord server, mostly focusing on furry VR avatars. Probably no good fit for the collective, I'm afraid... xD

Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like they got nice variety, too.

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@molegato is a really cool 3-d artist if you were looking for one.