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OCTOBER Tokota of the Month

  • You cannot nominate your own tokota

  • There has to be a valid reason for nomination, however minimal. "Just because" will not be acceptable. (thumbs up, ^, "same" or other such votes will not be counted)

  • Please include 2 to 3 pieces of which prominently feature the tokota as examples of the care and dedication to said tokota.

  • You can not buy/bribe or solicit (ask for) votes in any way.

  • Players may only have one Tokota receive ToTM once every 6 months.

Tokota's Import Sheet:

Why should they be Tokota of the Month:

2-3 Pieces featuring the Tokota:

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Tokota's Import Sheet: The Snatcher 53704

Why should they be Tokota of the Month: The Snatcher is one of Tokoqueen’s most invaluable Tokotas.

Not only is The Snatcher a rarer type of Toko, a 50% black yeti bomb. But is also a very precious, and captivating character that Queen plays beautifully, every roleplay that Snatcher is featured in is compelling. And the way Queen portrays the treasured Prince with such energy in her gorgeous pixel renderings, as well as improved spectacularly whilst working on him? This sort of honor seems only fitting. Especially when considering how willing Queen is to share the lovely lilac Lukas with those across the community. There isn’t a single person that would be denied an interaction, roleplay, or collab with Snatcher. And each and everyone is met with superbly unique scenarios crafted by a master writer. With Snatcher, there is never a dull moment and with the writing put into The Snatcher, everyone is guaranteed an experience like no other. This is a pivotal Tokota if only because The Snatcher often acts like a springboard for others to develop alongside him.

Queen has been working on this character long before receiving a geno – A lot of patience, care, and research went into bringing Snatcher back to life, and it really shows. Plus, a ghostly ghoul for the October ToTM seems like a match made in heaven. <3

2-3 Pieces featuring the Tokota:

Looking Glass
Should Have Known I Wasn't Nice!
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Tokota's Import Sheet: Adeline 43550

Why should they be Tokota of the Month:

Adeline is Attemiff's biggest breeding project (as far as I know), the genobomb 50% barb mane, an undertaking that took an incredible amount of work and luck to set up.

Adeline is a character with a lot of backstory and personality--a golden heart wrapped up in a lot of insecurity and trust issues wrapped up in a grizzled, dark-spirit fighting warrior that wanders Tokotna solving problems. Adeline has been a go-to RP character for Attemiff. She's character that has struggled through a lot of heartbreak, cause Attemiff is committed to this character really working through her struggles.

Adeline is the tokota that got me into the group--if Attemiff hadn't been so invested in this one particular dire, I wouldn't have thought this game had the potential to be fun, but because she has so much personality and looks so pretty, I decided to give it a shot :)

2-3 Pieces featuring the Tokota:

Adeline Going through without light
Adeline: The Depths of Hell
By Fire