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AUGUST Tokota of the Month

  • You cannot nominate your own tokota

  • There has to be a valid reason for nomination, however minimal. "Just because" will not be acceptable. (thumbs up, ^, "same" or other such votes will not be counted)

  • Please include 2 to 3 pieces of which prominently feature the tokota as examples of the care and dedication to said tokota.

  • You can not buy/bribe or solicit (ask for) votes in any way.

  • Players may only have one Tokota receive ToTM once every 6 months.

Tokota's Import Sheet:

Why Should they be Tokota of the Month:

2-3 Pieces featuring the Tokota:

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Tokota's Import Sheet: Bernard 36011

Why Should they be Tokota of the Month: Bernese mountain dogs are one of my all time favorite breeds. So clearly I have had a strong love for Bernard <3 He is the perfect Berne and he is always the first Toko to cross my mind when I think of Furreon's Tokotas

2-3 Pieces featuring the Tokota: Look at this cute bean!

[CE] pumpkin wagon
Will you be my Tokotine?
[Collab] There were only supposed to be 6
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Awwww thank you so much! ; o ; I'm so happy that other people enjoy my silly boof as well <333