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Character: Adam

Pokemon: Johann

Area: Scarred Plains

Invent: Boop

Item: Honey from Hunter

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You enjoy your walk today with a fresh jar of honey and end up encountering a wild Basic Riolu! You approach it for battle...

Hot dog!

Now's your chance!

> Use a pokeball(Please specify which type of pokeball!)

> Move on(You will gain either 1 level or 100 PD if your mon is level 100. If you claim a level, make sure to link this comment chain to claim your level!)

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One, Two... Click! Congrats! You caught the Pokemon!

Please reply to this comment with its capture art!

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[SL] Don't Be a Hero

Can you send em to Hunter pls and ty

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Hunter has been sent the Basic Riolu!

Please keep this comment as proof of obtainment!