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Congratulations on being Caillou's first defender that I heard.

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It's not so much that I have any passion for the show (I honestly can't recall anything besides the art style and the intro jingle), but the reason behind the hate is what I take issue with. I saw in one video essay regarding this subject that some lady was sharing on her social media "My toddler's acting up, must've been watching Caillou." Like it's a totally unnatural thing for children, especially toddlers, to be rambunctious twerps. It's a total Karen move and Caillou being taken down means Karens won this battle. Who knows what might be targeted next. "SpongeBob SquarePants is teaching my young one bad habits. Cancel culture unite!" Sure, ruin it for the majority because the few couldn't get control of the matter.

I'm ranting a lot about this subject, it's getting me heated. I was just passing by the "New" category when I saw this.

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The complaint I hear is less that Caillou is being a rambunctious twerp than the fact that his parents let him get away with this behavior. And the fact that this is shown on PBS, which is meant to be quality television fit for the general public. You wouldn't expect PBS to air anything like South Park.