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Please comment here to volunteer your Skire characters!

If you want to use someone else’s Skire character for this prompt, here is the comment where owners have given consent for their characters to be used for this prompt!

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Paganini and Masterlist Entry


Paganini uses his talent in music to amaze creatures of the skire. He has high interest in the plant life of the Garden, and wants to see if the local plant life can create music. He does wear a suit usually when getting ready for his performance.

Okay for: Both

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Zev - A CCCat that prefers to be alone but tolerates company to an extent, tough and mean on the outside but a bit kinder in the inside, most likely his tactic is to climb across the garden

Nero - Hot headed and loud, very much socialable and very reckless, especially with his hooks, but easily spooked though he tries not to show it as much as he can

Okay for: Both!

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Art is preferred, but both is fine!

I don't have a defined personality for him yet, so do whatever you want!

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feel free to draw any of my skire kids! and to dm me for details etc! :3

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About: You can find that on his TH! Brief summary tho- Soft, sweet, crybaby. He adores flowers, his favorite being pink roses as they are quite obviously his biggest inspiration!

Okay for: Both, art and writing! But please tag me in your post so you can make sure I see! Thank you in advance!

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Feel free to use any of my kids here:

Art only please!

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About: Omega is mostly a mostly an impulsive cccat who just wants to have fun most of the time, he will be the one trying to get on top of the plants or even try to fight with something there lol, his toy house stills a wip, but you can see more of him there uwu.

Okay for: Both <3

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Feel free to use either of my kids for art!

Gore is more than okay, 💖

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ok for: both! gore is ok!

info: he's a farmer boy! he isn't afraid of any plants or animal, he loves them all. Is a bean and can pet a monster plant like a cat. Anyway he's a bean

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All of my babs are here!

All of them have bios and their masterlist in their profiles!

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Anyone can use my boi for this!!

He's a bit of an edgy guy but he really likes plants!

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Feel free to use my cccats! Info about them is on their profiles! Please make sure to keep their personalities in mind if you do decide to draw them ♡

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Feel free to use any of my cccats! I'm alright with both art and writing!

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Feel free to use my cccat! I'm okay with art & writing!

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Everyone's free to use my Crook, Paradym!!

I'm ok w/ both art and writing!!

MYO Crook 91 ( // Paradym on Toyhouse

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you're welcome to use my cccats too!


- Zap Ml | Toyhouse + about

- Quark Ml | Toyhouse + about

Okay for: Art/Writing/Both!

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All my beans are free to use for the event ofc MOST have personas and sizes in their TH but I haven't had a chance to write everything down so feel free to HMU if you have any questions

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All each have their respective masterlists linked on their profiles.

For writing, I would prefer to be asked about Devon and Callahan before they're included, but Katsuki and Arkade are both ok before asking! ;v;

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Masterlist, personality, and size is in their TH! They're okay for both drawing and writing!

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His name is Grimalkin, and he's a researcher traveling through skire. I imagine that he'd spend his time here drawing or cataloguing the different plants he finds, so if you want to do a plant-in-jar/scrapbook aesthetic he could work well for that!! TH is here:

OK for writing and drawing!!

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Starburster is a loud and friendly cccat, who loves sweets and anything soft and warm. He's always interested in what people are saying and loves to make friends <3

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Nix is cheeky and mischevious but very friendly cccat who loves to play around with others, typically doing things they're not supposed to. They love travelling and having fun, so go wild with art of them!

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Galneyrus is a sort of timid cccat who shies away from others, but it always wanting to learn new things. He is defensive of the very few he is close to, though he isn't much help in a fight due to his fuzzy connection to the hivemind.