Comment on 2020 by AnyaUribe

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Thank you for sharing. Even I came here at a dire point 8 years ago, it wasn’t personal, it was something I and the whole world witnessed. Made some strides here and there, dealt with cancel culture due to both immaturity and being blind sighted by the words I now have to carefully choose without getting the block stamp. Thoughout my time here, I became much more of a learner and better social being than ever, though sadly the blockers wouldn’t know how far I came to be more mature than the perspective they see me in. That’s my lil tale, looking forward to your finishing works! ^^

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Darn, I'm sorry about that, I really don't understand, nor will I ever, why we can't just peacefully disagree, without the need of making monsters out of people who simply think differently :( Thank you for the kinds words and sharing though! :)

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You are welcome. We always have to be careful with words, never compare anyone or their art, even if we didn’t mean it in an insulting way, and never ever ask about who we taken (or block) out of your fan base. I was blindsided after what my words have caused, especially without knowing the follower rules firsthand. Older and younger people (as artists or art-lovers) would have a struggle here being anons to each other until a constructive dialogue with common sense is built. All I wish is for the best for the blockers and blockees, and one day, we’ll become more mature and better than how we were perceived.