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"What?! Why is our purification attack not working?! Is she not EVIL?!"

"We are above transient things, you 'heroic' fools - for DARKNESS cares for NEITHER good nor evil!"

--- Andhera Mahaaraanee, the Flowing Darkness to a group of Poenan Pantheon-aligned paladins seeking to seal away or destroying the ancient 'Fragment/Child of Erebus' from Hindia. Andhera's domain of Amorality, believed to be an outgrowth of her sociopathic nature, provides her with a level of resistance/immunity from magical attacks or weapons empowered by either good or evil which ever-increases with her great age and power, allowing her to protect herself against the powerful holy relic the Poenans attempted to use purify her. Andhera would subsequently wipe out the Poenan paladins personally and send her 'Andheraksha' minions to destroy the rest of the fanatical order in retaliation, taking particular vindictive delight in savouring and corrupting the survivors.