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I remember you.  Another version of MHS is coming out next year, although I recall you were never a fan.  You preferred Cheat Engine.
As a senior graphics programmer on Final Fantasy XV, I take no credit for anything wrong with the game, unless you can find a flaw in our graphics.
Which can’t be done so I am blameless.
Now let me put on my blinders.

L. Spiro
I liked it, but it never worked right for me, at the time it was like trying to get S-ice to work in Vista lol

But I will certainly look into the new version coming out, even though I do little these days in regards to GH anyways. But I can have a go with some titles coming in 2017.

As for flaw in your GFX, I can always blame you for Prompto's stupid look lol

Hey if they are looking for someone to test stuff out, send it my way, at least I won't use the opportunity only to play a game before everyone else and forget about bug testing lol

But seriously... it is good to hear from you again, and see you are doing well. Best luck for the future :)