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For character progression something like gradually "reawakening" Jezebel would be a plus you're absolutely right. I came to the idea I've settled on with the intent to get into the main chunk of the story (namely her war against God for absolute power,) for worrying that It'll lose people's interest with too much fluff at the start. Despite in my opinion this being one of the highest quality uploads I've submitted this has already gotten a thoroughly lukewarm response I fear because I've done far too much derivative and fan-fiction work and my watchers don't want original work so I have concerns about stretching it out too far and losing people even more. You've certainly given me food for thought, I'm considering a short story form look at maybe Nell knowing the demon as a mere presence or a voice that's part of her psyche causing jinxes on those around her when she's younger and have some skips to key points as she finds ways to will Jezebel's full presence into being.