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Hi there maybe youd help satisfy my addiction to JoJo and league of legends?

My request:

Soraka from league of legends drawn doing the same face/reaction to one if the images below (all from JoJo) you can feel free to pick which face she'd be doing, but if it us Speedwagon ud love if her hat could be the death cap from the game.

Soraka: Soraka 0 by theundeadunicorn

Death cap: thumb4.jpg9789b044-b52b-40d3-956c-66c3607e37f1Orig by theundeadunicorn

Drawn as: Even Speedwagon Is Afraid by theundeadunicorn
Or zupCdYn by theundeadunicorn

Here is an example of what I mean: 38421266 10160899731345492 6379841247221121024 N by theundeadunicorn

Thanks for the chance!     
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Hey, thanks for the interest! Can you send me a note? I'd that so that I can keep things a bit more organized.
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sure, im just entering a league match so expect one either reallly quick --- or after my game in about 30mins:)