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Will do. XD

Exactly, this head canon ain't hurting anybody. Well, aside from feelings but eh, minor loss. XD
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And if you really need a reason why it's disgusting to turn a gay character straight here's one

-there are signifigantly less lgbt+ characters in existance so lgbt+ people have less to relate to and less representation, by trying to turn a gay character straight you are taking away or deliberatly smearing a character people can enjoy for their sexual or gender identity.

Oh I am very well aware of that fact, now you know how I feel when I see a straight character is headcanon'd as being Gay, when they are clearly NOT.

Granted! Soldier-76 appears to have been Gay the entire time or so says the creator of Overwatch, if that was true...why keep it on the downlow for...what? Nearly 3 years now after the games release? Tracer was believed to be gay from day one and was revealed not long after to indeed be gay.

Now the fact Tracer's gay, I have no problems with, it suits her character fine.

But 76...this was Out of the Mother Fucking Blue, it SCREAMS! Desperation for money and for an increase in sales, which if anything they'll loose a large amount of their fanbase because of these sorts of choices but what do they care.

Look at what's happened with Blizzard lately, they had this controversy with this fake female player and got hated on for their new shitty mobile game for WoW or whatever it was and so, instead of creating/introducing yet another new character to the franchise that was gay, they seem to have chosen at Random who should be gay and it was Soldier-76.

Now if they had just gone and introduced a new gay character, I would have been PERFECTLY! fine with it, no qualms whatsoever. Good for them. But This! This is clearly, CLEARLY! Blizzard NOT giving Two Shits about the LGBT community and just saying "Let's have a look at the fanart and see who should be gay next." and Soldier-76 won out.

Thus! This Feels FORCED! No one likes to feel forced, I don't like the feeling, I'm sure YOU don't like the feeling and I'm Sure there are MANY! who don' like it either.

As such, this is my response to this whole thing, if they're gonna force this at me, I'm gonna stick with my headcanon, now am I hurting anyone? am I forcing You to accept my headcanon? Am I Up in arms and banging down the door of Overwatch's creator, threatening him to make Soldier-76 straight? No. I. Am. Not. I Am Simply, Stating My Stance on this, and sticking to my guns and my opinions on this matter.

I mean after all, isn't that what the LGBT does? They stick with their opinions, only difference is I'm not forcing change and forcing people to accept something that they're not comfortable with.

Now I Am Not! Repeat, NOT saying that the LGBT Community in it's entirety, are forcing their beliefs/opinions/ect down everyone's throats, but a fair amount are/do and if you recall back to my feeling FORCED! comment, that's how it feels.

It's like your being forced to eat something you don't want to eat ya know, think back to when you were a kid and you were forced to eat yer veggies (If your parent/parents did that that is.) and you didn't wanna. That's basically what Blizzard doing to Soldier-76 feels like.

There, I said my piece, if you were man enough you'd have seen it but since you decided to Cut and Run like every other Coward out there, you never will.

For those of you who have seen this comment and read it all the way through. Congrats, you survived my rant. XD
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The-Damn-Fox: Yuck.

WolfBlade111: 10/10 for starting off an argument pal, really mature.