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I'll state right now that just ignore any people who'll think that ruining already established characters is reasonable, especially a few obvious ones. xD

But while I really don't care for the moment, headcanons are just here to please the fans really within their own stories, so as long as I don't see anyone use their headcanon to justify the ACTUAL story, I don't mind it. 
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Ya know what's fucking hilarious, the coward blocked me before I could make a good retort. XD

So I guess I'll respond to his comments Here just to piss him off anyway, regardless of the fact he can see em or not. lol

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Oof and it seems you are fucking homophobic with you're supporting male x female, fetishizing female x female but not ok with male x male. Typical.

Oof and how typical, calling out someone for liking two outta three things and then cutting and running (Aka Blocking before I could reply.)

Ya wanna know Why I don't ship anything MalexMale? It's because I am not...comfortable with it.

If a male character is gay in something, fine, so be it. I certainly don't have to give two shits about that character, I certainly don't have to make fan art of them. I sure as hell don't have to wave a flag around and scream for joy at the prospect of another gay character.

You wanna know WHY I'm Uncomfortable with malexmale? Because of the Fetishizing, ya know, like how people like me make girl x girl a fetish, yeah...GuyxGuy Fans do that on a MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH higher level.

If a guy is gay in real life, fine, whatever, I don't give two shits if you like guys/girls. If your a cool person. Your cool in my book, doesn't mean I'm gonna enjoy what you may or may not draw, but I'm fine with ya, your not gonna hear me saying anything negative.

But when it comes to Fictional characters, THAT! is where I have a problem.

I have seen so, so so so so so so so SOOOOOOO many guyxguy shippers who fetishize these pairings and characters and write these quite clearly, wet dream based fanfictions about these characters.

What's even more disturbing is that a lot of these ships involve characters...WHO AREN'T EVEN GAY!!! They take, Brother/Brother type friendships and twist and turn them into these sick, twisted, disturbing love stories that make Twilight look like the best romance novel of all time.

What's also disturbing is the fact that many of these fans/writers/artists, will tend to do things along the lines of.

A) Killing off a straight character's love interest in the most horrible way possible or some other poor attempt at getting their ship to sail or to scream at how much they hate that character with a passion.

B) Write where one of the male characters is Raped by the person they have a Brother/Brother relationship with and end up LIKING IT and falling in love with said character, which shows how disturbed the writer's mind is if that's how they think love works.


C) The Fans are...Quite Clearly, Nuts. I've seen enough of their works to (Not on purpose mind you, they just happen to post a lot of these works to groups I'm apart of.) scar me for life. They will tear someone apart if that person doesn't ship what they ship and they will send death threats, saying how that person should kill themselves for not liking a guyxguy ship.

That is why I am uncomfortable with guyxguy ships, because everytime I see them, it's like seeing something that triggers you, it's like...seeing something from your past you'd rather just forget.

That's what it is for Me, now, clearly, not all shippers are like that. But a lot of them are and it's disturbing how they are...allowed to get away with it because it'd be considered Homophobic for banning them or kicking them.

So you wanna know why I despise GuyxGuy ships, why I hate Yaoi shippers.

You can thank all the assholes who committed the acts I mentioned above for garnering my hatred.

Do I fetishize FemalexFemale pairings? Yes.

Do I shove them down people's throats or threaten people to like them?


I'm not Hurting/Threatening/Beating anyone over it. I'm sane enough to not do that.

That's my reasoning, if You (Clearly not The-Damn-Fox.) feel that's a Bullshit reason, so be it. I've said my piece, I've stated my hatred for guyxguy out in the open. If anyone feels that these aren't very good reasons, well too bad.

Here's some wise words to live by.

"I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own."

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The rabid yaoi fangirls have definitely made a mockery on everything including actual yaoi fans who do make ships but don't go and attack everyone for disagreeing with it.
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To be fair your no better than the yaoi fangirls that you like to whine about. Especially since you fap to Yuri/lesbians.

You changed a gay characters orientation to straight for the sake of a a het pairing.

You blew a gasket at the fact that a male character was revealed to be gay(the horror) just because it sunk one of your precious het ships.

And I bet if someone made a shipping fanfic about two sisters (who are straight in canon) where one sister rapes the other and the other sister liked it, you would have no problem with it because it's something you can fap to.
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Well humans are hypocrites by nature, doesn't surprise me I may say things similar to the ones I dislike.

Aaaand? Every Yaoi/yuri fan does the same thing to Straight characters. I'm merely doing the same thing. If THEY have all the rights in the world to do that, then I don't see a problem with me doing the same. Other than I'll be Offensive.

Plenty people did pal, wasn't just me. But many, myself included, have shut up about it.

Rape is Rape, I. Hate. Rape. DO NOT Assume that I would Ever Get Off or Even Entertain The Notion of such an Atrocity. That's what Sicko's do.
Not Me.
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Will do. XD

Exactly, this head canon ain't hurting anybody. Well, aside from feelings but eh, minor loss. XD
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And if you really need a reason why it's disgusting to turn a gay character straight here's one

-there are signifigantly less lgbt+ characters in existance so lgbt+ people have less to relate to and less representation, by trying to turn a gay character straight you are taking away or deliberatly smearing a character people can enjoy for their sexual or gender identity.

Oh I am very well aware of that fact, now you know how I feel when I see a straight character is headcanon'd as being Gay, when they are clearly NOT.

Granted! Soldier-76 appears to have been Gay the entire time or so says the creator of Overwatch, if that was true...why keep it on the downlow for...what? Nearly 3 years now after the games release? Tracer was believed to be gay from day one and was revealed not long after to indeed be gay.

Now the fact Tracer's gay, I have no problems with, it suits her character fine.

But 76...this was Out of the Mother Fucking Blue, it SCREAMS! Desperation for money and for an increase in sales, which if anything they'll loose a large amount of their fanbase because of these sorts of choices but what do they care.

Look at what's happened with Blizzard lately, they had this controversy with this fake female player and got hated on for their new shitty mobile game for WoW or whatever it was and so, instead of creating/introducing yet another new character to the franchise that was gay, they seem to have chosen at Random who should be gay and it was Soldier-76.

Now if they had just gone and introduced a new gay character, I would have been PERFECTLY! fine with it, no qualms whatsoever. Good for them. But This! This is clearly, CLEARLY! Blizzard NOT giving Two Shits about the LGBT community and just saying "Let's have a look at the fanart and see who should be gay next." and Soldier-76 won out.

Thus! This Feels FORCED! No one likes to feel forced, I don't like the feeling, I'm sure YOU don't like the feeling and I'm Sure there are MANY! who don' like it either.

As such, this is my response to this whole thing, if they're gonna force this at me, I'm gonna stick with my headcanon, now am I hurting anyone? am I forcing You to accept my headcanon? Am I Up in arms and banging down the door of Overwatch's creator, threatening him to make Soldier-76 straight? No. I. Am. Not. I Am Simply, Stating My Stance on this, and sticking to my guns and my opinions on this matter.

I mean after all, isn't that what the LGBT does? They stick with their opinions, only difference is I'm not forcing change and forcing people to accept something that they're not comfortable with.

Now I Am Not! Repeat, NOT saying that the LGBT Community in it's entirety, are forcing their beliefs/opinions/ect down everyone's throats, but a fair amount are/do and if you recall back to my feeling FORCED! comment, that's how it feels.

It's like your being forced to eat something you don't want to eat ya know, think back to when you were a kid and you were forced to eat yer veggies (If your parent/parents did that that is.) and you didn't wanna. That's basically what Blizzard doing to Soldier-76 feels like.

There, I said my piece, if you were man enough you'd have seen it but since you decided to Cut and Run like every other Coward out there, you never will.

For those of you who have seen this comment and read it all the way through. Congrats, you survived my rant. XD
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The-Damn-Fox: Yuck.

WolfBlade111: 10/10 for starting off an argument pal, really mature.