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Oh my goodness, so I logged on after a long day of opening and trying out multitudes of Christmas toys to see this in my inbox, and just...Wow!  Words cannot describe how surprised I was and still am! :wow:

My goodness, this is absolutely breathtaking!  From the colors used to the sweet expressions on their faces, I just can't stop staring at it.  And that lace on Nozomi's blouse is amazing.  Just how do you manage to make it look like lace and look so pretty at the same time?? And that pattern on Naruto's shirt is so well done, and that lighting too, just...I don't even have proper words right now to express how I feel anymore. xD  You just.. *flails* You amaze me all the time, and I don't think it's a secret how much I admire you as a fellow artist. ^^

I still can't believe you and Koyra-chan were up to something like this!  Many a night she watched me draw on skype and I was completely clueless! :giggle:   You both have made my day.  Like seriously...please accept internet hugs until the day I can somehow find a way to meet you in person and can give you real ones. :huggle:  I'm so touched by this, like you have no idea...;w;

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Yaaaay!! I'm so happy you like it!
Thank you so much! XD The lace is a bunch of little, random shapes and squiggles XD
I really enjoyed playing with the lighting! I learned a lot from references in the process, though I didn't make Naruto and Nozomi as heavily shadowed as they probably should be because I wanted you to be able to see them XD
Aww you're so sweet ;;w;; :huggle:

Hehe I'm glad we were able to keep it a secret! >v< You're a dear friend and I love getting to surprise you with things like this XD :heart:
I'm grateful Koyra gave me the opportunity to take part!
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