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Merlin, being a Glass Cannon, got himself some risky protection at the Orcs’ camp:




(Unlike many cursed items, you CAN remove it without the "remove curse" spell… but not if you’ve already transformed.)


Damage Reduction 10/silver


Werewolf’s Curse:

WISDOM CHECK once per hour when in view of Full Moon (DC15 +- circumstances).

Fail results in accidental too-long look at the moon, and turning into a hostile werewolf for 1D4 hours.


Alternative avoidance metods:

– keep eyes closed all the time.

– specific mental-manipulation spell that makes your brain incapable of seeing/recognizing the moon

– other improvised validly-reasoned methods


META-notes for the DM:

If you give it to a low-level character, don’t hesitate to make Full Moon "coincidentally" appear during IMPORTANT MOMENTS in the game, to force your players to improvise on their feet not to have suddenly a Werewolf-Enemy replacing their Ally (while IN CLOSE PROXIMITY)



Twilight failed Merlin’s Wisdom Check, so he forgot to make sure if THIS night which is happening has a full moon or not, before putting the robe on.

Either way, he’s paranoid, and is wondering whether it will be better to put the robe in his backpack and sell it later.

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