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dziadek1990 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018  Hobbyist Writer

Shade’s Magical Weapon:


[1] Blood-Hankering Long Bow


Each successful hit on a LIVING NON-MAGICAL [2] CREATURE THAT HAS BLOOD which deals at least 2 HP of damage, heals 1 HP in the shooter. (Permantent heal. Does not go over MAX HP.)


(( It "teleports" blood’s Life Energy to the shooter via 4th dimension because Bow and its arrow become entangled via 4th dimension after each shot.))


[2] examples and counter-examples:

NOT magical:

– human farmer

– human farmer with a magic ring

– human farmer who just got healed with a magic potion

– spellcaster with all his spell slots empty, and ongoing magic effects ended

– dog


MAGICAL: – human wizard/sorcerer with their spell slots still not-used-up

– human farmer with a magic potion (with an ongoing effect) coursing through their blood

– unicorn or any other magical creature

– cursed non-magical creature


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