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The frames are just the roof - the jeeps go up the ridge with about 10 ppl in the back, and that frame/roof covers the passengers for some reason...

Hmm yes I too need a 4wd... it wasn't particularly smart taking a sportcar on 300 kms of dirt road... especially when a freak storm came out of nowwhere and the last 20 odd kms required water-crossings!!

Thanks for the comment - I have another version of this which I took with the flash on, which kept the amazing colors but also lit up the jeeps.
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Ah, fair enough.

Hehe, it's funny you mention that about the sports car. If you go into the gorges there sometimes there are tons of people driving through in cars that aren't really appropriate.

Last time I was there I went on a full day tour with a guy from Hawker who runs his own tour business. He said he has seen tour buses in there and in one case one got stuck and couldn't get out. Some people just don't think... :P