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That last paragraph reads very strangely to me. If you were anthropomorphising an inanimate object to the level, I'd expect you to avoid "it" as a pronoun, so not doing so when you were clearly talking about an actual person has connotations I don't think you intended.
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Brielle's ideal for a shapeshifter is not simply to assume the form but to also embody the identity of the form. There are also different "degrees" of shapeshifting in her mind. If she does nothing more than take on a shape then she sees herself as still being Brielle just with a different appearance. But if she opts to truly "be" what she transforms into her identity as "Brielle" fades to the background. (In as much as it's currently possible for her.) Whether it's the Brielle-bot, Brielle-droid, or Brielle-blanket she sees herself as "it". This could be equated to Method Acting except she aspires for it not to be an act but a reality.

I've tried to express this through the use of pronouns and whether she's identified as "Brielle" or "Brielle-" in the narrative. Perhaps not as well as I could/should.
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I read it as through the mind of some observer who's more interested in describing what happens than relaying Brielle's mental state, and from that perspective, it works, since they're just describing a blanket to me, its object pronouns being illustrative tools to reinforce the visual of the blanket rather than the exact nature of the blanket-shaped person.