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I think this is especially beautiful and thoughtful and it's wonderful to hear that you pushed out of your comfort zone and had fun!! I know exactly how you feel right about now -- about forcing creativity until it becomes everything BUT fun. Even though I've been dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety lately, I recently finished a novel I've been trying to write for a while because I said to myself that I was going to have fun with it and just enjoy it and not worry about being crazy, emotionally invested. I just wanted to do something fun. And I finished it and I'm proud of it and can't wait to share it with the world next year.

My other novels took me years to finish - some of them over 15-17 .... and while I am writing sequels to them, it was very draining because of all the time invested and fear spent wondering if people would like them as much as the originals.  Now that I've had a nice little break writing something different, I feel I can head back in and tackle the BIG ONES with more grace and hope and, hopefully, FUN!

This is a very unique piece you did here, and I hope you're proud of yourself for doing it! It speaks volumes!
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Thank you so much! And congratulations on finishing that novel!
There's something so refreshing about taking a break from regular work (even "fun" work) and doing something creative purely for fun. I think it kind of helps us to reset.
Also, thanks to being away from old routines for 3.5 months while I was in Japan, God's given me a fresh perspective on what I really want to put my time into.

I can definitely relate to projects taking years and years!! My manga, Missing Haruka, started out in its first form in 2008; I only started drawing it last year so it's been ten years and counting...


Thank you again! :hug:
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