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Sorry for the really late reply.

Buddhism has been a religion for a long time now, it followed the teaching of one man from India who teaches the philosophy to live by like you said. Kinda like the 7 deadly in Christianity, there are 5 sin people shouldn't commit in Buddhism teaching. Over here in Thailand, it has been the country main religion for a long time.

Having an Ego is important but a high ego would be bad kinda similar to that old discussion we had about overconfident or something. It's all about the right balance I guess?

You're right about the flaws thing, and as for good or bad habit, I determine it by whether if it's detrimental or beneficial to me. Just like you said judging it myself.

Our bodies do need salt, I don't know if I watched the video you mentioned yet, but I think he is just asking if you're getting the right intake that your body needs. I don't even remember if he mentioned about organic or inorganic salt, but his other videos did explain a lot to me like how sugar is bad and how sleep is important for example. He does support his information with research analysis sources, so based on my own judgment I found it to be quite trustworthy. Of course these days I sometime don't even know who or what to trust anymore.
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Right oh no problemo. :D

As for the salt thing... you could experiment.  If you're curious, you could try cutting it out and see how it affects you.  Nothing stopping you from experimenting with your own body. :lol:

I've found salt terribly addictive (regular 'rock' salt) and hard to kick (they say as bad as cocaine?!).  But, other than some store-bought vegan mayo, I really have no added salt in my diet any more.  Been doing so for about a year now?...  Not dead yet. :D  Salt exists in its organic form in fruits/veggies/nuts etc.  Yes, you need it.

Yeah, sugar is super bad (one molecule away from being arsenic?!)  I have almost none of that any more and instead use molasses/syrup.

Yes, I think a good amount of regular sleep is vitally important, too. :thumbsup:

What to trust these days??  Hahaha nothing and no one.  For myself, I do my best to research everything I'm interested in from multiple sources and from 'both sides'.  Mostly, I have learned to avoid 'mainstream' ('official', 'authoritative', 'scientific') information -- having been presented with a skewed version of things time and time again (for questionable agenda)... and be leery of anyone who stands to make a buck from the information.