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This is beautiful. I'm so glad to see that your time away has really shown you a lot. Buddhism has so many wonderful teachings. To accept knowledge, understand it, but instead of holding it, let it pass through you. I feel that's a really great way to live. And self discipline is such a huge benefit when it comes to creativity and motivation. I'm really happy for you!

Oh, and hello! I started watching you while you were away. Your artwork is really special!
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PATVITProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! My time away was a real life-changing experience. Learning about it through reading is not enough, I had to actually experience it for myself to really change my lifestyle for the better. Now I just have to form it into good habits and avoid going back to old bad habits.

Also, thank you for the watch, and might I ask why you think my artwork is special? Just curious.
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When I saw your work it just really stood out to me. I really love your particular way of mixing realism with a bit of an animated art style, and your work with shadows is really impressive. That, and your character designs themselves have great composition.