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It's a graphics card and RAM ;) .

As for the lies...
Well, let's start with the whole philosophy of photorealistic graphics and RT cinematic gameplay being the only valid form of computer game.
More, photorealistic being equalised with aesthetic and saying that cartoon graphics were used only because of technological limitations, not as a valid form of artistic expression.
Basically according to those lies, all traditional genres should disappear and be replaced by hybrid cinematic games, because they are "next gen".

I have gained some insight about how gaming industry works when I was on Fallout fansites.

For example, rights to Fallout series were bought by people who claim to be great fans of Fallout.
During interviews with the team it turned out that less than half of them played Fallout and almost none of them thinks that Fallout is his favourite game.
More, they started to denigrate the original Fallout by saying lies that it has a turn based combat only because of technical limitations (which isn't true, because it was a conscious design decision of its creators who were fans of board gaming and PnP roleplaying, and even one of the lead devs said in an interview when asked about where cRPGs are going: "I see more and more real-time RPGs, unfortunately."), then started telling lies about how Fallout's graphics didn't have detail and that there were 4pixel chairs in Fallout.

That's simply insane.
Since I'm a fan of games with solid roots in board gaming and tabletop roleplaying, and games that look like games, not like movies in general, I find this situation unacceptable.
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I had no idea....

I always thought Fallout 3 was going well and didn't see what you were going on about. But I didn't know that I was lied to. I looked into this a bit more and found this interview: [link]

What got me is this quote:

"The problem is however that they've had years to think about what they wanted and create a view of what Fallout 3 should be that could never be possible today. They're still stuck 8 years back in their views of Fallout 3. It simply wouldn't work."

To me, this was just their nice way of saying 'They're just Fanboys! They don't know how to get with the times!' I mean, isn't there a better way of just saying they want to go another way, without implying the fanbase are losers? If they are going to ignore the fans, then at least say it without putting the fans down!

Then I found: [link]

I can see all the points they're making, and how they don't like the way things are going. However, the game can go both ways at this point, so I don't know how I should feel.

Thank you for telling me, I feel enlightened. I hope you make more. :)