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omg it's so great!! :heart: i like the style and the character :D but, if you're asking for a critique - the head and face are very okay, i think - it has its own style so i'm not sure about anatomical errors :D maybe, the right ear(on picture) should be more on the side of the head.
as for body - i'd change the shape of it to be more round, especially on the butt (it should be higher than the rest of back, a bit)and chest (which should be deeper too)
the shoulderblades have wrong shape, they should be more traingular and a bit wider :D also i'd give a little change to hind legs - the ankle is too high 
but overall it's a really nice piece and i adore its cuteness <333
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Oh my, tysm!
I'll try to fix those errors!
Tysm again ♡