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Here we gooooo!

Player Profile: 1ore's TWWM Player Profile
Character Tracker: Diaspore #1117
Transformation tier (and GP cost): Spirited Transformation; -100 GP

TF recipient: Myself

Transformation reward: Carved turquoise

Reward image or description: I haven't decided on the exact design of it yet, but I was thinking this piece of turquoise was salvaged from an earring in-story, if that sounds acceptable. Would it be okay to incorporate it into the creator esk's design sometime down the line more as an accessory? (not worn like a conventional earring-- I was thinking I'd braid it into her mane somewhere haha.)

Origin: Traveler
Nature: Severe
Boundary: Ghost river
Size: Arresting
Uncommon traits: Bold markings, foot tufts, cropped tail, shaggy
Rare traits: None
Morph: N/A
Nature features: Mesquite beans

Notes/sketches/references: Her (again) (This piece is masterlist ready (hopefully))

Thank you all so much!

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1ore  Transformation MYO slot redeemed.
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  Creator Achievement Badge by Esk-Masterlist 
-100 GP from Esk 1117
TF reward approved (carved turquoise). Please report this reward to the masterlist!
note: you can determine design/use later :>

Origin traveler
Nature severe
Boundary ghost river
Size arresting
Uncommon traits bold markings, foot tufts, cropped tail, shaggy
Rare traits none
Nature Features mesquite beans
Biome arid
ownership 1ore 

adding to the queue — thank you!
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Eeeep! Thank you so much!! :^D