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Purchased from the April (Fool's) Discord Rewards Shop:

You opened 373 deargodwhy Goos Eggs and received: 

+ 730 CFT

1x Aro Pride Flower Crown Pride

1x Aro Pride Scarf Pride

1x Ball of Rubber Bands

1x Bat

2x Black Dye Bottle

1x Black String

1x Blue Dye Bottle

1x Blue Egg Dye

1x Blue Oval Cat's Eye Bead

1x Blue Peacock Feather

1x Brown Silk

1x Brown String

1x Dark Iridescent Feather

1x Dumbo Hooded Rat

2x Egg Egg

4x Egg Rock "Egg"

2x Empty Dye Bottle

1x Fawn Rat

1x Gold Bell

1x Gold Thread

1x Green Feather

1x Green Leash

2x Green Silk

1x Hearts Infinity Scarf

1x Lesbian Pride Flower Crown Pride

1x Light Iridescent Feather

1x Mason Jar Bottle

1x Message in a Bottle

2x Misa's Red Fabric

1x Nose Glasses

1x Orange Silk

1x Pink Bow

1x Pink Egg Dye

2x Plastic

1x Pumpkin Pumpkin

1x Pumpkin 2

1x Purple Dye Bottle

1x Red Fabric

1x Red Feather

1x Red Flower Pin

1x Red Ladybug

1x Rose Capelet

2x Shard of Glass

1x Silver Bell

1x Silver Thread

1x Skull n Bones Cat Hoodie

6x Stack of Index Cards Paper

1x Stars Infinity Scarf

1x Stick Wood

1x Stripes Toque

1x Tambourine Instrument

1x Teal Dye Bottle

1x White Dye Bottle

1x White Fabric

1x Yellow Dye Bottle

1x Yellow Fabric

1x Mothkitten Cocoon (MYO)

9x Common MYO Ticket

1x Rare MYO Ticket

1x Rare Trait Change

2x Ultra Rare MYO Ticket

188 of the eggs disappear in a poof of pink-and-purple colored smoke! Oh well. 

we journeyed into final pam's castle, and we emerged with many boys