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I try to _alwasy_ mention Patreon and the artists pages.  It's part of the reason I post things I commissioned.  I figured if I liked all the things, someone else might too, and that enables someone who stumbles across my page to find other artists they might like.  I have acted as a switchboard having artists find other artists they like (I love that) and also I've been responsible now for about 6 commission or so (I've now lost count).  I'm told one of the people I hooked up with an artist then went on and recommended them to someone who needed a book cover, and I'm going to take that win too. ;-)

It ALWAYS annoys me when someone has a feed (Facebook, Tumblr, etc) that reposts others artwork when they don't give full credit (artist/colorist/inker/writer) when they could easily find out that information.  Now when it's someone reposting something on a forum or something in response (etc), I don't mind it as much.  (The difference between someone casually posting, and someone posting lots of art on purpose).

It is a bit silly to claim "not Batman enough" when there are so many Batman's.  Bob Kane's Batman carried a gun!

Your Batman is a PERFECTLY fine Batman.  And he's been consistent, you've got a good voice/characterization for him.

Plus, if you view these things as an Elseworlds type story ... well you can change anything you want to.  You aren't trying to fit into any specific DC continuity anyway, so have at.

I'm perfectly content to let you tell the story.  Part of this is it's YOU telling YOUR story, not telling mine.  But there's been some nice growth, and I feel the anticipation build for when it takes off.  ;-)  It does seem at some point in this genre that the brakes come off and there is some kind of exponential growth.

I'm waiting to see what you have in mind to kick that off ... Id speculate and offer suggestions (as I have several), but I honestly don't want to do it, for fear that along with giving you ideas, I might bend your story too much.  As what I'm really enjoying is this entire story is not something I would have thought of, I'd not tell it this way, (etc).  And to me, that means it's EXACTLY what I wanted.

I am hoping that while her powers are restrained she outshines Batman.  ;-)  That is she keeps getting stronger than a normal woman, and that even though she doesn't look it, she gets stronger/faster than batman (not 100's of times) but enough.  But... that's probably something I shouldn't have mentioned as if it wasn't in the cards, I don't want to alter the story!

Anyway, REALLY happy with this!
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I've actually already written the scene where "the alien" (as Batman at that moment views her with both fear and lust) benches more than him, despite being in a depowered state ;)

I have so much random stuff already written, and a pretty strong idea of where it's going to go.  Overall, the story will likely end up being a lot longer than the original commission, which will hopefully help offset the delays =)

I even have plans to introduce a second female into the mix at around chapter 6 or so....!
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This all sounds _great_ to me.

And though as I said, you aren't telling something I would tell, but hearing that you'd already planned for her to get stronger than Batman makes me really happy.  The story will have TWICE the fun, since she gets to best Batman and then Superman. ;-)

I'm not one to complain about delays, but I'll gladly take more story if it's coming!  ;-)