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Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016   General Artist
Well, then, you're set.  Hope this time works out well.

Don't see the sense, for myself, in setting up a separate blog, as many seem to do.  I keep it all here. But maybe it's because I don't have to go along to get along, which seems to be what this place fosters.  "Awesome!" Right.  If you can be honest with yourself and others in crits, then there should be no reason why you can't keep it here and have a good time with it.  You don't have to make friends or solicit watchers.  Just look for your place in the great circle - there are those ahead from whom you can learn, and those behind whom you can teach.  And you never really know which way the gradient goes until long afterwards.  Haha.  Of course, that's more of an ideal than a reality, for me.  I came here looking for help.  Didn't get it.  Studied on my own, then, before I knew it, got a reputation for being good at what I wanted help with!  Go figure.  

I took a look at your blog.  Good stuff.  You should be posting it here.  No reason not to.  

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