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I think a lot of teenagers find their tumultuous emotions that they experience at that age as very frightening and confusing and foreign. With the availability of information on the Internet, it's easy for people to find information and find others like them... but on the flip side, it's also easy for people to find information they shouldn't necessarily have. Being a teenager is really defined by not knowing who you are, so DID seems like the perfect label for "I'm a teenager and I have no idea who I am so I will be all these different people!". Teenagers especially want something that makes them seem different and mental illness is "trendy". It's unfortunate, but what can you do. I think it's fine to explore yourself and who you are, even if what you think turns out not to be true later on. So whether or not you have DID, you don't really have to prove it, you just gotta go with what makes sense to you. Those other people will get bored and move on at some point.

Err, I hope that makes sense, I am obviously speaking from personal experience here.
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Oh I definitely agree and you made sense. While I'm thankfully leaving the dreaded teen years, it's been nice getting to know myself, cause when those sorts of things had been occurring since childhood it definitely has been a slap in the face finding out about this disorder when so close to being an adult. And like I said, I just find comfort that there are people of all ages who have had similar experiences rather than searching for a label for myself and I hope other people can understand that for themselves as well. Mental illnesses should Never be trendy, and the trendiness of this one is ridiculous -_-
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