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I use Copics after inking with Micron pens. I highly recommend this combo. Copics are alcohol based so water won't make them bleed, not to mention that Copic markers are refillable. I buy ink refills from Otakufuel on ebay. The refill bottles can completely refill a marker up to 10 times! They only cost about $5-6 per refill bottle as compared to about $8 per new marker. That is a huge money and trash saver! The only issues I've sometimes run into is with ink smudging or getting on the marker tips. That only happens when the ink isn't fully dry on the paper or if the marker is getting too dry so it starts is absorb rather than laydown color. One thing to note, that not many people discuss, is the Copic Colorless blender. The name is rather misleading as it doesn't assist with blending colors. It is is basically rubbing alcohol so it pushes Copic ink around. I use it like an eraser or to clean the marker tips off if colors mix. I personally use the sketch style Copics as they have a nice brush tip. It feels like painting and provides control over thin to thick strokes. You can do plenty more customization with Copic markers and inks but I digress. If you use the Copics with your inking pens properly they will work very nicely together. If you have any question feel free to reach out. I hope this helps with the information you seek.
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Thanks a lot!  I mainly ink with a brush (using Ultradraw pen ink for xtra blackness), and so far the Prismacolor markers I got seem to work decently.

I unfortunately bought chisel-tips at first - the brush tips are way better for finer work.  But I picked up a whole range of colors in the brush tip recently for next time I give this a try.
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That's pretty sweet! Prismacolor is a pretty solid brand. I used to have a color set and a grey set but I struggled to get them to bend smoothly. My lack of experience might have been to blame for that though. lol! :D