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I tried to get into the whole Copic thing, but they do not cooperate with the waterproof ink I use. In fact, I don't think they work with anything but certain Japanese non-waterproof inks and pigma ink technical pens.  They are also really difficult to use, you have to work crazy fast and use tiny circular motions for large areas or they will make noticeable streaks. There's cool stuff you can do with shading, though. Shading while it's drying and after it's dry produces different results. I never got any good results with the blender, but maybe I didn't use it right. Oh and there's some weird thing with the number of the marker... Like, the number of the color determines how well it will blend with another color or something... I can't wrap my head around it, honestly.  I feel bad, I have this like $100 set of Copics I got for my birthday from my parents ages ago and haven't touched them since.... I'd donate them to you if I could :(
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Thanks - the things you mention are some of the things that make me a little scared to dip my toes in the color world (I'm usually pure b&w).

But I picked up a set of 24 prismacolor (cheaper than copic) markers from Dick Blick at a reasonable price, and when they get here I'll give 'em a try :)