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I've tried the color over pencils once or twice with my Copics, but it's not something I recommend doing it unless the lead you use doesn't smudge easily.  Unless you meant COLOR pencils (XD), in which case they'll work just fine. You might have to go over the finished product once again, but that's same issue as with inks :)

But yes, it's perfectly all right to color after inking. Never used Blick before but with Copics, waterproof and/or Indian inks work best. Use any other ink and you'll smudge the pic when you're coloring. Copics are "watery" enough, so you can imagine how that horror would look!

You can also blend and shade in different styles: either let the flat color dry and then shade (which makes for a nice cel-effect depending on paper quality) or lay down the flat and then either quickly shade with the second color, or blend it with the Blender. The former works well with "light-colored" markers like skin tone ones and the latter works mostly with the rest. This is if you want a slight painterly effect.

I highly recommend getting the Blender in your first buy, most of all. It's really nice to have for effects. Also recommend--if you're on a tight budget-- getting the Ciao kind of Copics. They're cheaper and while they don't have as many colors as Sketch or Normal ones, they still work fantastic. But Ciao and Sketch work good in unison too.

I babbled, yeesh. I'm not a pro at this by any means yet, but figured I'd chime in with my two cents! :D Hope it helps a bit?
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Thank you, it totally does!   It's not so much a budget thing, more like I don't want to lay down a bunch of cash if I try out coloring again and decide that it's not for me. ;)

Last time I tried doing color sketch cards, I used acrylic paints, and then laid the ink down on top afterwards.  Not horrible, but not great - plus, the acrylic is a lot thicker and difficult to deal with.  :)

Thanks again!   I think I may just try flat color at first, then maybe layer shade on if I'm feeling brave.