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I've gone back and forth on this. Now I always ink first and color second. I do then go back over the bold holding outlines again afterward to re darken them. Eyes and eyelashes also. Blick markers are OK for flat color but invest in the Copics if you are interested in shading and blending. They are worth the extra money and cheaper in the long run if you use them often.
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Thanks for answering!  Re-darkening areas after the fact sounds a lot easier/neater than trying to ink over already-colored pencils - at least for me.

I'm glad to hear that the marker color isn't too opaque over ink.

I think for starters, I might just pick up a cheap pack of basic Blick colors while I'm experimenting (I haven't colored seriously in a *long* time).  If I find it fun/effective I might invest in the Copics.  :)