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Congratz on the Hoenn dex! :D
hehehe funny you should mention the zodiac (western). We air elements gotta stick together I guess (I am a Gemini :P )
I didn't know you played League. Birds! X3 What kind of birds?
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Nice! Some of my best friends are Gemini :D
LOL is tons of fun! My main is Cho'gath but I love Vel'koz support.
They're cockatiels :3
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Nice. :D
Hehehe Cho'gath that reminds me of when my brother played him and I played Lulu (my main at the time).....using ult on Cho'Gath was pretty amusing to see. Hehehehe
Cockatiels are so cute. X3 My grandmother had a cockatiel named Daisy. She was so cute, but she only liked my Grandmother. That brings back memories.